Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Bionanoscience. This vibrant and growing new department is dedicated to research at the interface between nanoscience, synthetic biology and cell biology. Applying nanotechnology in order to explore and engineer biology is the essence of bionanoscience. The department focuses on the functioning of single cells in all their complexity down to the molecular level. Understanding the mechanisms operating inside a cell is very useful for practical applications in, for example, improved health care, molecularly targeted medicine, and development of new energy sources. The department of Bionanoscience is part of the university's successful Kavli Institute of Nanoscience established by the US-based Kavli foundation. Studying the workings of a living cell requires broad expertise; therefore our department is growing into a strongly multidisciplinary team of scientists with varying backgrounds ranging from cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry, synthetic biology, theoretical biology and biophysics, high-resolution microscopy, nanomedicine, nanoprobes and bionanoapplications.


Job Openings

Our growing new department currently aims to hire about 10 top scientists at all levels from junior to senior faculty. We are particulary eager to expand in the following research areas: synthetic biology, super-resolution microscopy, and cellbiology. Our most recent hires are Greg Bokinsky, Marileen Dogterom, Hyun Youk and Liedewij Laan.

Please visit our Job Openings page for more information and our recent openings within the NanoFront program.


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