Current buildings

This arial photo shows the Kluyver Laboratory for Biotechnology as it is today. It is considerably bigger than it was in Beijerinck, Kluyver and van Iterson's time.

The square, white building on the left is the van Iterson Hall where we have our large bioreactors. It's based on the building where van Iterson's team studied vulcanisation. The next, L-shaped part as far as the peak in the centre is the original van Iterson laboratory. The wing coming off that, into the garden, was built in the 1950s for Wouter Berends, Professor of Biochemistry, and now houses the Enzymology group, with the Isotope and Molecular Biology laboratories in the smaller structure at the end. The low building with the flat roof is the library, and the rather square building above that is the current microbiology laboratory. The small building beyond houses the FEMS Office.

Below is the Kluyver Lab as seen from the Julianalaan, with Microbiology on the left. The long, low part of the building is teaching labs with the library upstairs. Beyond are our workshops and Biochemical Engineering.


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