Henriëtte Beijerinck 1846-1937

Professor Beijerinck was the youngest of four children, of whom only one - Frederick - married. His two sisters spent much of their lives living with him. The elder of the two, Henriëtte was a qualified teacher of art who seems to have spent a great deal of her time producing poster-sized paintings of plants and microorganisms for her brother to use as illustrations during his lectures in the days before the magic lantern.

This section includes examples of her paintings, including general botany, plant galls, bacteria, yeasts and algae, plus one of only two known landscapes. The biological paintings are all about A0 in size.
The collection also includes a few pen and ink drawings by the Professor.

Dirk with his daughters, Henriëtte (centre) and Johanna.

Jeanette with her sons, Frederick (centre) and Martinus.


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