The archive

A second room has climate-controlled archival storage. The most important items in the collection are the papers of the three Professors, including their laboratory journals. Kluyver and van Iterson do not appear to have thrown anything away, and their papers, including letters, are providing a rich source of information about the history of the biosciences. Sadly, Miss Beijerinck burned a great deal of her brother's correspondence after his death, but we are gradually collection copies from other sources, where possible.

Most material is in acid-free boxes (left), but the paining collection is stored in special drawers or acid-free tubs (below) - a development made possible by a grant from the Mondriaan Stichting and help from the Delft Techniek Museum.

We are gradually building searchable catalogues of the papers, paintings and other items (e.g. the substantial collection of glass negatives).


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