Painting collection

Van Iterson also had a large collection of posters to illustrate his lectures. Like the Beijerinck collection, there is a mixture of original paintings and commercially-available work. A number of artists contributed, one of the best known of whom was Hilda Kern (below). Her work, together with that by someone we know only as Mev. Mouton, is especially fine. Not all of the paintings are signed, some only bear initials and we will probably never know who some of the artists were.

Like Beijerinck before him, van Iterson seems to have been interested in physical variation within species, and among related species. The collection includes series of paintings of plants to illustrate this, including grasses and fir trees. Variation in birds is another recurring theme, especially where there are large differences between the genders, as with the birds of paradise. There is also a series of paintings illustrating applied botany-- plants exploited by people for various reasons.


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