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Welcome to the Download Centre of the Department of Biotechnology of the Faculty of Applied Physics of the University of Technology. Currently you can find the following items to download:

  • ENCORA 1.2 (freeware)
    Encora is a program for enzymatic kinetic parameter fitting using progress curve analysis. It has been developed by R.J.W. Slats, J.W. Hennipman, B. Romein and A.J.J. Straathof at the Delft University of Technology. The present version, which still has some restrictions, is freely downloadable.
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  • Macrobal 2.02 (freeware)
    Macrobal is a program that applies conservation principles for the estimation and balancing of conversion rates in biotechnological processes.
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  • Microarray and Genomics data Industrial Microbiology
    Here you can find supplementary microarray and genomics data for papers of the Industrial Microbiology group.
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  • Biofilm simulations
    Here you can find supplementary data on papers on Biofilm modelling.
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  • Visual-RHOMBO (freeware)
    VisualRHOMBO is a program for EPR spectroscopists. It generates effective g-values and powder EPR spectra for half-integer high-spin systems (S=3/2, 5/2, 7/2, or 9/2) of given rhombicity.
    Citation: W.R.Hagen (2007) Wide zero field interaction distributions in the high-spin EPR of metalloproteins. Mol. Phys. 105: 2031-2039.
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  • Biomolecular EPR Spectroscopy
    The book Biomolecular EPR Spectroscopy by W.R. Hagen (CRC Press / Taylor and Francis Group 2009, ISBN 978-1-4200-5957-1) is accompanied by a set of stand-alone application programs in which the theory worked out in the book is implemented in order to carry out simulations and manipulations of solution and frozen solution EPR spectra.
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