Generic enzyme assays

dr. P.L. (Peter-Leon) Hagedoorn

dr. L. (Linda) Otten

Generic enzyme assays

Enzymes are superior catalysts of chemical reactions. In order to measure the performance of an enzyme, usually, changes in substrate or product concentrations are measured. This means that, in principle, for every enzyme and every substrate/product a different assay has to be developed. This is currently a bottleneck in high-throughput approaches to systematically engineer industrially useful biocatalysts.

Calorimetry offers a way to bypass the need to measure substrate/product levels, but instead measure the heat that is being developed (or consumed) during a chemical reaction. Current state-of-the-art microcalorimeters are able to accurately measure the small heat changes during enzyme catalysed reactions. However, the proper analysis to obtain accurate kinetic parameters (Vmax, Km, KI) for any enzyme still requires development.


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