dr. Kristina Djanashvili

T: +31 15 27 85092
E: K.Djanashvili@remove-this.tudelft.nl

Room C1.
Van der Maasweg 9
2629 HZ Delft
The Netherlands




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Molecular imaging is the currently at the forefront of biochemical research due to an increasing understanding of receptors and the mechanisms involved in the specific recognition processes. In our research we explore the chemistry of medical diagnosis with the emphasis on organic synthesis, nano- and radiochemistry and advanced NMR methodologies. The aim of the research is to benefit from the multidisciplinary skills for the development and (pre)clinical applications of novel probes for imaging, therapy, and combinations thereof (Theranostics). One of the key aspects is to exploit the diverse physical properties of lanthanides (paramagnetic, radioactive, luminescent) in combination with their chemical similarity. In this way, the nature of the metal ion determines the final application of the probe (MRI, PET, optical), while the design of the carrier controls the imaging efficiency, biodistribution and drug delivery options. 

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