Research projects BST

The research is organised around the following three coherent themes that cover molecular scale, unit operation scale and process scale, respectively:

  1. High-throughput measurement and modelling of biomolecular properties
  2. Equipment development
  3. Bioprocess Integration

These themes are applied to the production of biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, bio-based chemicals and polymers, and bio-energy.

Current Projects

Arranged chronologically, most recent at the top.



Project Leader

Adsorption of non-volatiles from food products

Monica Moreno Gonzalez

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Quality optimisation by selective off-flavour removal from complex aqueous mixtures and flavour profile tuning

Deborah Gernat

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Quantitative Fermentation of Sesquiterpene Producing Microoganisms

Meissa R. Essenfelder Abrahao

Dr. Maria Cuellar Soares

High Throughput Screening for Purification of Pegylated Proteins using Mixed Mode Resins

Dr. Karla Mayolo Deloisa

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Hydrodynamics for the Integration of Fermentation and Separation in the Production of Diesel and Jet Biofuels

Rita da Costa Basto

Dr. Maria Cuellar Soares

Improving Expanded Bed Adsorption Technology for Bioproduct Recovery

Victor Koppejan

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Downstream Process Development for Bio-based Production of Polyphenols

Marcelo Silva

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Methyl Esters from Biomass

Joana Pereira

Dr. Adrie Straathof

Model-based High-throughput Biopharmaceutical Downstream Process Development

Silvia Pirrung

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Ester Production Integrated with Acidogenesis

Carlos I. Cabrera-Rodríguez

Dr. Adrie Straathof

Mild Separation of Flavor-Active Components

 Shima Saffarionpour

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Integration of Production and Recovery of Sesquiterpenes

Susana Pedraza-de la Cuesta

Dr. Maria Cuellar Soares

Bioprocess Development for Production of (di-)carboxylic acids

Erik Häusler

Dr. Adrie Straathof

High-end Analytics for High-throughput Biopharmaceutical Process Development

Alex Hanke

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Process synthesis for Corynebacter fermentations

Camilo Sixto López Garzón

Dr. Adrie Straathof

Physicochemical & Thermodynamic properties of Oligosaccharides and Peptides 

Sreekanh Chilamkurti

Dr. Marcel Ottens

High-throughput Experimentation for Protein Crystallization Process Design

Kedar Deshpande

Dr. Marcel Ottens

Former Projects

For a list of the former project follow this link.

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