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13 November 2012
Bio-Based Bikken; Sustainable Dining with food for thought. 13 November BTS will organise a bio-based dinner in context of the Shaking Science Month. A special dinner in Delft, about the development of a bio-economy and what that means for Delft with guests and participants from Delft. The dinner will take place at the HypoSuper and the men of the Gastro-Van will serve all guests with their excellent local organic cuisine. For more information please contact us via this website.

23 October 2008
The essay Ethics in Action by Daan Schuurbiers was awarded the Mekelprize 2008 for PhD students. The Mekelprize is an annual essay prize for students of Delft University of Technology, awarded by the Platform on Ethics and Technology. 
Read more: Ethics in Action (pdf)





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