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Imagine.... is a school competition inviting life scientists to submit proposals for the application of a specific useful and affordable technology in a developing country. High school students (in groups of 2-5) set up a business plan for the proposal of their choice. This annual competition starts in September and ends in April.
The best proposal is carried out by Imagine in a developing country. Examples of winning projects include the production of biodiesel in Mozambique, growing nutritious oyster mushrooms on rubbish in Ghana and designing biogas reactors for the energy provision of a school in Tanzania. The competition introduces pupils to the Life Sciences in a hands-on and meaningful way. Imagine thus challenges scientists and pupils to create accessible transfers of technology to developing countries.
Board Foundation Imagine: Prof. dr. Patricia Osseweijer, Prof. dr. ir. Hans Tramper, Elly Muilman and Chris P. van der Plasse
- Projectleader Imagine: Frank Sekeris
Imagine...., Van der Maasweg 9, 2629 HZ Delft, +31 15 2785011

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