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Environmental Biotechnology

The Environmental Biotechnology group aims at developing and improving mixed culture bioprocesses for waste treatment and product formation. For this purpose, microbial ecosystems are studied at all levels ranging from molecule to full-scale bioprocesses.

The research is based on the exploration of microbial and biochemical cycling of elements in nature. We study the organisms involved in the conversions of Sulfur, Nitrogen, Phosphate and Iron compounds. These conversions are used in the development of processes for water air and gas treatment. The process engineering focus is on biofilm and gradient systems. The microbiological focus is on the development of molecular ecology approaches for studying the ecophysiology of mixed microbial cultures. A special line of research is the development of processes for production of chemicals by mixed microbial cultures.

The Environmental Biotechnology group collaborates with the Cell Systems Engineering group (prof. Sef Heijnen) and the Bioprocess Engineering group  (prof. Luuk van der Wielen). The group is strongly involved in education of BioTech Delft.

Group Leader Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht (professor)
Staff Geert-Jan Witkamp (professor)
prof.dr. Hans Vrouwenvelder (professor) Cristian Picioreanu (associate professor) Robbert Kleerebezem (associate professor) Yuemei Lin (assistant professor) David Weissbrodt (assistant professor)
prof.dr. J. Gijs Kuenen (emeritus professor) D. Brdanovic (endowed professor)

biofilms, biofouling, biological stability, drinking water, DNA-microarrays, environmental microbiology, functional genomics, metabolic modelling, system biology

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