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PhD and postdoc positions in the Industrial Microbiology group are entirely dependent on external funding. It is therefore difficult to predict beforehand when vacancies become available and they are not always advertised beyond our network.

Current vacancies: 1

Postdoc in Yeast Synthetic Biology

Contact person: Pascale Daran-Lapujade

Find out more about this position via following link:

Open applications

We welcome open applications for PhD and postdoc positions (please address to However, we warn applicants that, in general, we only have 3-4 vacancies per year – and that there are always many more high-quality applicants than vacancies. Applicants should therefore not consider a negative answer as a negative qualification of their capabilities!

Personal grants and fellowships

We are frequently approached by PhD and postdoc candidates who intend to apply for personal grants or fellowships. In that case, please bear in mind that the costs of a PhD position in our group are high (> 300,000 Euros for a four-year project) and that we cannot accept candidates with a fellowship that only covers costs of travel and subsistence.

We have very good experiences with competitive personal grants that do provide adequate funding (e.g. the EU Marie-Curie postdoc fellowships). If you are interested in applying for such a grant to work in our group, please be aware that we always request an interview in Delft before we decide whether or not to support an application.


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