The doctorate, or PhD, is the highest academic degree that can be obtained in the Netherlands and is only conferred by universities. Candidates carry out independent scientific research for a period of four years, and write and defend a doctoral dissertation. Potential PhD students should first contact the appropriate professor/research leader to discuss the field of research and the qualifications and experience required.

In the Netherlands most PhD projects and postdoctoral projects are supported by funds that have been obtained by the research leaders by competitive grant applications. Therefore grants are linked to specific research projects for which a potential PhD student must apply with the research leader. As a consequence open PhD positions are usually advertised as 'job' vacancies. PhD students and postdocs candidates can also submit an open application to the research leaders of the department in order to find out whether additional positions are becoming available. It is strongly recommended to include a full CV with clear explanation of the candidate's relevant expertise.

Research content
Within the domain of the technological sciences, doctoral research may comprise the following:

  • the development or creation of a technical product or system, a method applicable,
  • a theoretical, applied, or strategic piece of research.

The rules and regulations can be obtained in English or Dutch from the Registrar and/or the staff member for Ceremonial Affairs. Or follow the link below.

Doctorate regulations
The doctorate regulations specify the requirements the researcher must meet if he or she wants to obtain a PhD. Here you find the complete Doctorate Regulations ratified by the Board for Doctorates.

More general information about PhD is available at PhD at TU Delft.


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