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Chemical Engineering of functional nanosystems: from molecules to products


Mission Statement

The Department of Chemical Engineering at TU Delft has the ambition to be a world-leader in Nanochemical Engineering. It considers Nanochemical Engineering to be the next step in the nano-revolution - a step required for recent scientific breakthroughs to evolve into applications that will change our daily lives. Building upon its proven strenght in Chemical Engineering, the Department studies functional nanosystems, from the design and synthesis of molecules up to the process technology aspects of mass-production.


Shift of Research Portfolio

Building on its current strength and track record in the field of bulk-oriented chemical engineering and process technology, the Department now intends to expand its research portfolio significantly further towards nanochemical engineering (see mission statement above). New research will be initiated in close collaboration with other researchers in the "nano"field at TU Delft, such as scientists at the renowned Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft.


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