Prof. Dr. A. Schmidt-Ott

Research interests
My goal is to develop new methods of nanoparticle production and new materials based on them. Application areas are hydrogen storage, chemical sensors, catalysts, photovoltaics and water splitting. Focussing on non-conventional techniques, mainly aerosol-based methods, my students and I are busy with creating inorganic materials and nanostructures that have never been produced before They open new perspectives for sustainable technologies. Together with a spin-off company we recently founded,  I want to bring these new approaches to application. Among others, we can produce inorganic high surface area materials of a wide variety of compositions and arbitrary mixtures thereof, by combining spark ablation with electrospinning of nanofibres. Our capabilities of nanoparticle production go down to the sub-nano domain of atomic clusters, and we are studying some of their properties.

Nanoparticle Technology (Master, 3 ECTS)
Particle Technology (Master, 3 ECTS)
EHS of Nano-engineered Materials and Products (PDEng)
Conceptual Product Design (participation) (12 ECTS)

Ph.D. Theses Supervised in Delft (promotor)

  • Maria Margarita Vivas Maldonado, 2007 (University Carlos III, Madrid), Submicron Aerosol Chargers
  • Ch. Peineke, 2008, Production and Deposition of Well Defined Nanoparticles for Studies of Basic Properties
  • J. Wang, 2008, Synthesis of Zeolite Composites with Hierarchical Porosity
  • R. Pitchumani , 2008, Aerosol Assisted Synthesis of Nanostructured Silica
  • Kleefsman, 2008, Aerosol MALDI Mass Spectrometry for Bioaerosol Analysis
  • M. Alderliesten, 2008, Mean Particle Diameters - From Statistical Definition to Physical Understanding
  • N. Salman Tabrizi, 2009, Generation of Nanoparticles by Spark Discharge
  • B. van Laarhoven, 2010, Breakage of Agglomerates
  • V. Vons, 2010, Spark Discharge Generated Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Storage Applications
  • J. van Erven, 2012, The Improvement and Upscaling of a Laser Assisted Chemical Vapor Pyrolysis Reactor
  • G. Perfetti, 2011, Quality of Coated Particles - Physical-Mechanical Characterization of Polymeric Film Coatings
  • U. Stachewicz , 2010, Analysis of Electrospraying as an On-demand Deposition Method
  • S. Hennart, 2011, Sub-micron grinding of a food product
  • T. Trzeciak, 2012, Brownian Coagulation at High Particle Concentrations
  • F. Göncü, 2012, Mechanics of Granular Materials: Constitutive Behaviour and Pattern Transformation
  • T. Pfeiffer, 2014, Towards the Industrial Application of Spark Ablation for Nanostructured Functional Materials

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