Student Projects

Within our section there are always possibilities for students to do a bachelor or master research project within the research projects listed. The student projects will generally be part of a current PhD project. However, the student will always be challenged to bring in his own initiative and creative input.

Before starting a master research project within the MECS group, we recommend that you follow these two courses:

·         Structural Characterisation, CH3651 (De Smet/Kooyman/Eelkema)
·         Functional Ceramics, CH3531

Usually several other projects are available. Here, we list only the most urgent projects available. If you are interested please contact Prof. Bernard Dam or any of the other staff members in the section.

Bachelor and Master projects:


The TU Delft does not provide facilities for summer internships

Following a Master's degree

If you are interested in following a Master’s degree: To apply for one of the Master’s programmes at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, TU Delft. Please visit for information on available programmes, entry requirements and application procedures. Or contact our Graduate Recruitment Officer via






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