We often have fully funded 4-year projects for interested PhD students, and fully funded 1-3 year projects for postdocs. In the Dutch academic system, as a prospective PhD student you do not apply for a graduate school, but you directly apply for a thesis work. Generally speaking, such a thesis work is defined by a faculty member and funded for the full 4 years providing a good salary (~25.000-30.000 Euro's per annum) for the PhD student. The PhD student spends 80% of his her time on his/her thesis research, 10% on teaching, and 10% on taking graduate level courses.

Announcement: please be advised that there will be a postdoc vacancy (2 years) soon on Photochromics. If you are interested please contact Prof. B. Dam (

2 new vacancies on an integrated Ni-Fe battery and electrolyser device (introduced as 'battolyser'):




Name author: Heleen van Rooijen
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