Jacob Hoogenboom in Library Online Magazine

24 March 2017

In the Online Magazine four scientists were interviewed about the help they received with their publications from the Open Access Fund. Jacob Hoogenboom about his publication on Time-resolved Cathodoluminescence Microscopy: Bart van Hulst about his publication on Healthcare Productivity: Jaap Nieuwenhuis about his publication on the Moderating Effect of Personality and Esin Komez about her...Continue


Freek van Rooijen finished his Bachelor

17 March 2017

Freek van Rooijen finished his Bachelor thesis "Analysis of the crosstalk in ultrasound matrix arrays" with a presentation and defence on the 16nd of March. Continue


Article published in Scientific Reports: "Automated sub-5 nm image registration in integrated correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy using cathodoluminescence pointers"

08 March 2017

Article demonstrating the registration (or overlay) of images obtained with light and electron microscopy with an accuracy of 5nm using an automated procedure was published March, 2 in Scientific Reports.Continue


Damien Crielaard started his BSc project

08 March 2017

On March 1, Damien started his BSc project on electron-irradiation induced bleaching of phosphorescent nanoparticles. His supervisors are Mathijs Garming and Jacob HoogenboomContinue


Jelena Novosel successfully defended her PhD thesis

08 March 2017

On March 6, 2017 Jelena Novosel successfully defended her PhD thesis on "Image analysis in optical coherence tomography. Retinal layer segmentation"Continue


Rasmus Thorsen joined our group as PhD student

02 March 2017

Rasmus Thorsen started his PhD project on single molecule localisation under cryogenic conditions. He will work closely with Hamid Hamidreza and Robert Moerland. His supervisors will be Sjoerd Stallinga and Bernd Rieger.Continue


One web-app "All about Photonics" for school students

01 March 2017

We are very proud to present you the Photonics4All Web-App! This Web-App is here to explain you what is photonics and how this changes your life. It consists of 5 modules: Basic Photonics Concepts, Photonics for ICT, Photonics for Energy, Lighting & Display, Photonics for Security, Monitoring & Sensing and Photonics of Health & Life Science. These modules have been enhanced by a gaming and a quiz...Continue


Marijn Siemons finished his Master Thesis

23 February 2017

Marijn Siemons finished his Master thesis "High precision wavefront control for 4D PSF engineering" with a presentation and defence on the 21st of February. He developed a microscope and adaptive optics system alignment and calibration method to reduce the wavefront error substantially below the diffraction limit and applied this system to generate Point Spread Functions for measuring the 3D...Continue

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