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In the Healthcare Imaging theme, we have two main topics: ultrasound imaging technologies (UST) and quantitative imaging biomarkers. The UST research primarily targets the design and manufacturing of novel ultrasound (matrix) transducers and imaging concepts. Our key expertise is in:

  • Physical modelling of the ultrasound wave propagation in complex tissue
  • Imaging and inversion techniques applied to the recorded wave
  • Prototyping new transducers

Our techniques facilitate reconstruction of detailed, high-resolution images from which useful clinical parameters are extracted (e.g. blood velocities, perfusion, heart muscle stiffness, tumour properties). Our quantitative imaging research is renowned for the development of computational imaging techniques to extract imaging biomarkers for disease management (prediction, diagnosis, staging, prognostics). These techniques are characterised by clever modelling, incorporation of prior knowledge and relying strongly on the physical principles of the image formation. Application areas include:

  • Abdominal CT and MRI (colorectal cancer screening, liver functionality measurement, Crohn’s disease severity determination)
  • Vascular MRI/CT(A) (calcium scoring, stenosis detection and quantification)
  • Diffusion-weighted MRI (ageing studies, stroke rehabilitation)

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