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Job Openings

   There are no job openings at the moment but if you are really interested in acoustical research you can always send a note to one of our researchers.

Acoustical Wavefield Imaging

Acoustical Wavefield Imaging focus on medical and seismic imaging.
For medical imaging we develop new ultrasound hardware and methods for brain, heart, liver, kidney and breast imaging.
The research in seismic imaging is part of the DELPHI consortium, sponsored by companies from the international oil and gas industry.
Our laboratory is directed by N. de Jong


Jacob Hoogenboom in Library Online Magazine

24 March 2017

In the Online Magazine four scientists were interviewed about the help they received with their publications from the Open Access Fund. Jacob Hoogenboom about his publication on Time-resolved Cathodoluminescence Microscopy: Bart van Hulst about his publication on Healthcare Productivity: Jaap Nieuwenhuis about his publication on the Moderating Effect of Personality and Esin Komez about her...Continue


Freek van Rooijen finished his Bachelor

17 March 2017

Freek van Rooijen finished his Bachelor thesis "Analysis of the crosstalk in ultrasound matrix arrays" with a presentation and defence on the 16nd of March. Continue


Article published in Scientific Reports: "Automated sub-5 nm image registration in integrated correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy using cathodoluminescence pointers"

08 March 2017

Article demonstrating the registration (or overlay) of images obtained with light and electron microscopy with an accuracy of 5nm using an automated procedure was published March, 2 in Scientific Reports.Continue


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