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Quantitative Imaging:

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Quantitative Imaging

In Quantitative Imaging (QI) we invent and realize image-based measurement principles and instruments based on computational imaging in nanoscopy, (integrated) biophotonics and biomedical imaging. We develop methods and image processing algorithms to study fundamental questions in life sciences and achieve differential diagnosis in healthcare.


QI: We got famous - Project Cyttron II of Sjoerd Stallinga and Mojtaba Shakeri on

05 February 2016

Within pathology scanners are often being used. Most of the time these are 2-D scanners, however for thicker tissues a 3-D image is necessary. Until now only a 3-D reconstruction could be made based on several 2-D images. Philips and the TU are working on a scanner which makes a 3-D image of a tissue at once.Continue


QI: Christiaan Hulleman started his MSc project

04 February 2016

Christiaan Hulleman started his MSc project: "Polarization study of fixed single molecule emitters". This project is part of a larger project aiming to achieve nanometer resolution in far-field optical microscopy using fluorescent single emitters. The goal of this subproject is to design, build and characterize an optical setup for polarization excitation of fixed single molecule...Continue


QI: Mohammad Fanood joined our group as Post-Doc

01 February 2016

Mohammad Fanood joined our group per 1 February as a Post-Doc. He will be working on the project: "Lab-on-a-chip". In this project he will develop an integrated optics and microfluidics platform (lab-on-a-chip) that can determine the concentration and origin of infrequent vesicles or bacteria in liquid. His supervisor is Jaap Caro.Continue


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