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Job Openings

Quantitative Imaging:

Currently QI does not have any job openings

An overview of all ImPhys job openings can be found here.

Quantitative Imaging

In Quantitative Imaging (QI) we invent and realize image-based measurement principles and instruments based on computational imaging in nanoscopy, (integrated) biophotonics and biomedical imaging. We develop methods and image processing algorithms to study fundamental questions in life sciences and achieve differential diagnosis in healthcare.


QI: Suzanne Berkel started her internship

23 September 2016

Suzanne works as a physics teacher at a high school. The internship is intended to give her some experience in scientific research. She will be working on stretching a laser pulse, by using gratings and mirrors. Robert Moerland is her mentor.Continue


QI: May An van de Poll started her BSc project

23 September 2016

May An started her BSc project which focuses on correlative nanoscopy with quantum dots. Her supervisors are Bernd Rieger and Robert Moerland.Continue


QI: Jorn Hoofwijk started his BSc project

21 September 2016

Jorn Hoofwijk started his BSc thesis on: “Bessel beams in optical tomography” on September 15, 2016. His supervisor is Jeroen Kalkman.Continue


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