Education and Vacancies


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For interested students and postdocs there are possibilities for research projects in our group. Subjects are either materials research oriented or electron microscopy method development oriented.

Topics in both fields inlcude new types of in-situ investigations, aiming at understanding the relation between nanostructure and materials properties under industrial or "real life" conditions. For example, catalytized reactions occur under certain gas pressures, but the nanoparticles involved in the reaction may appear differently when studied in the vacuum of a microscope.


Interested students can contact

Prof.Dr. H.W. Zandbergen, room F218, tel. 31-15-2782266,

M.M.H. van der Veen, room B206, phone 31-2788792,

Dr. J. Jansen, room B211, phone +31 15 27 82272,

Dr. ir. F.D. Tichelaar, room B B213, phone +31 15 27 82252,


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