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Delft University of Technology has a three year Dutch-language Bachelor of Science program and a two year English-language Master of Science program. In the Quantum Transport group, we contribute to the Bachelor of Science program in Applied Physics and the Master of Science programs in Applied Physics and NanoScience. All Bachelor's degree students do a six month research project in a group such as ours and the Master's degree students spend a year in a research group working on their Master's thesis. For guidelines see this flowchart.

Information about the projects
If you are interested in doing a Bachelor or Master project in our group, contact Ronald Hanson (tel. 015-2787188, room F032), for an informal discussion. He will give you an up-to-date overview of available projects.Each Master's degree student is assigned a mentor who has daily contact with the student. The mentors are typically graduate students or postdocs. After your conversation with Ronald Hanson, you have the opportunity to meet with two or three potential mentors who can give you a more detailed description of the projects.


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