Abstract 27 May 2015

Taking superconducting Qubits to the next generation

Jerry Chow, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights

Fault tolerant quantum computing is possible by employing quantum error correction techniques. In this talk I will describe an implementation of a quantum code using 4 lithographically defined superconducting qubits in a square lattice capable of measuring both types of possible quantum errors occurring on a single qubit. The experiment requires highly coherent qubits, high quality quantum operations implementing the detecting circuit, and a high quality independent qubit measurement set-up. Looking beyond this implementation, there remains both theoretical and experimental control hurdles which must be overcome to build verifiably reliable quantum networks of qubits. I will present some experiments which point towards these important questions and give proposals for future integration capability, measurement integration, and scalable control architectures. The focus will be on a variety of questions which will increasingly become important as the field moves towards a larger network of qubits.



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