Abstract 9 December 2015

Tayloring the flow of photons and phonons

Florian Marquardt, University of Erlangen

We envisage to utilize the optomechanical interaction between nanomechanical vibrations and radiation to control the flow of light and sound in nanostructures. In this talk, I will introduce the concept of optomechanical arrays, i.e. periodic arrangements of localized optical and vibrational modes interacting with each other. These could be used to produce optomechanical ‘metamaterials’ where the transport of photons and phonons is determined both by the geometry as well as by the impinging radiation pattern. I will show how this could be used to engineer topologically protected transport of sound waves, as well as artificial magnetic fields for photons.

  •  “Topological Phases of Sound and Light”, Vittorio Peano, Christian Brendel, Michael Schmidt, and Florian Marquardt, Phys. Rev. X 5, 031011 (2015)  
  • “Optomechanical creation of magnetic fields for photons on a lattice”, M. Schmidt, S. Keßler, V. Peano, O. Painter, Florian Marquardt, Optica 2, 635 (2015).



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