Positron annihilation

The positron facilities

    • The Variable Energy Positron beam facility ( VEP):
      a mono-energetic, magnetically guided positron beam (10^5 positrons/s) at user variable energy ranging from 1 to 30 KeV, for depth selective probing of defects and interfaces (depth range typically from 0-2 micrometer).
    • The Electrostatic guided positron beam ( EBeam):
      a mono-energetic positron beam (10^4 positrons/s) with electrostatic guidance and focussing, and user variable positron energy ranging from 1 to 30 KeV.
      Currently used for testing the positron microprobe facility.
    • POSitrons at the HOR reactor ( POSH):
      a very intense continuous positron beam (4 x 10^8 positrons/s) magnetically guided to the testfacilities, powered by gamma pair production inside the HOR-reactor.
    • Positron annihilation life time spectrometer (time resolution 150 ps).

Transnational Access
The positron instruments can all be used with European funding.


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