Thesis defence A. Nukicic: Biocatalysts

22 April 2014 | 10:00
location: Aula, TU Delft

"Study towards carotenoid 1,2-hydratase and oleate hydratase as novel biocatalysts" | Promotor 1: Prof.dr. I.W.C.E. Arends (TNW)Continue


Thesis defence Barbara Witek: Quantum Optica

25 April 2014 | 12:30
location: Aula, TU Delft

"Quantum dot spin engineering for quantum optics" | Promotor 1: L.P. Kouwenhoven (TNW), promotor 2: Prof.dr. V. Zwiller (TU Denmark/UD-TNW)Continue


Thesis defence Olga Ilie: Cariës

28 April 2014 | 12:30
location: Aula, TU Delft

"A numerical study of dental plaque and caries formation" | Promotor 1: M.C.M. van Loosdrecht (TNW), copromotor: C. Picioreanu (UHD-TNW)Continue


Life Science Symposium ‘Limits of Lifespan’

12 May 2014 | 8:00

On 12 May, study association LIFE organizes the symposium ‘Limits of Lifespan’ in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden. Among the speakers are scientists affiliated to MIT and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of AgeingContinue


DEI PhD Poster Event

15 May 2014 | 14:00 - 15 May 2014 | 18:30

The Delft Energy Initiative organizes a PhD event in the form of a poster presentation session for TU Delft PhD candidates working on an energy-related research topic.Continue

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