Highlights Applied Sciences 2009

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January - March

  • Royal Honour and TU Delft silver medal for Prof. Joop Schoonman (ChemE)
  • Rubicon grant for Dr. Loes Bevers (BT) for ‘Iron in cells - from rust to functional protein’
  • Best Master’s thesis award for Ir. Eric Woittiez (MSP) for ‘How turbulence influences droplet coalescence in convective clouds’
  • PhD candidate Rintze Zelle (BT) wins second prize in worldwide Knovel University Challenge
  • National Conference on Proton Radiotherapy to mark the retirement of Prof. Ignatz de Schepper (R³)
  • Dr. Kristina Djanashvili (BT) wins award for developing a substance that enables doctors to obtain better MRI scans of tumours


April - June

  • Reactor Institute Delft (R³) becomes IAEA Collaborating Centre (International Atomic Energy Agency)
  • Prof. Michiel Kreutzer (ChemE) wins Hoogewerff Foundation’s Promising Scientist Award
  • SET Master’s student Sachin Navalkar wins E8 Scholarship
  • NBN Rabobank Thesis Award for Bachelor’s student of Life Science & Technology Steven Flipse for his thesis ‘Life to Lego’
  • Applied Sciences Master’s prize for Pieter-Jan Coumou (R³) for his thesis ‘A study of Responsive Self-Assembled Low-Molecular-Weight Hydro-Gelators with Spin-Echo Small-Angle Neutron Scattering’
  • InterSECtion founded: a new association for Master’s students of Science Education & Communication
  • ‘Fruit waste as valuable raw material in Colombia’ wins Imagine Life Sciences (BT) school competition
  • Launch in French Guiana of European space telescope Herschel, containing essential nanowires developed by Prof. Teun Klapwijk (QN)
  • European grant awarded to Dr. Dennis Schaart (R³) for time-of-flight PET/MRI research
  • Prof. Wiro Niessen (IST) becomes Board Member of the Dutch Young Academy
  • B-Basic (BT) launches the Global Biorenewables Research Society (GBR Society) together with other international institutes such as the Energy Biosciences Institute (USA) and Porter Alliance (UK). The GBR Society will provide decision-makers and the general public with an objective source of information on biorenewables and the bio-based economy (www.gbrsociety.org)
  • Dick Hoeneveld (HR Applied Sciences) wins European Health & Safety Award for his Faculty Safety System


July - September

  • Prof. Karel Luyben appointed Rector Magnificus of TU Delft from 1 January 2010
  • Prof. Raoul Bino appointed Dean of Applied Sciences
  • ERC Starting Grant for Dr. Ferdinand Grozema (ChemE)
  • ‘Flat bacteria in nanoslits’ researched by Dr. Jaan Männik, Dr. Rosalie Driessen, Dr. Peter Galajda, Dr. Juan E. Keymer and Prof. Cees Dekker (BN)
  • Prof. Lieven Vandersypen, ir. Ivo Vink and ir. Jeroen Danon (QN) spin ‘quantum particles’
  • Award ‘Best Electron MicroGraph’ for ir. Vladimir Kutchoukov (IST)
  • Programme ‘Towards biosolar Cells’ (ChemE) receives government funding for research into energy from plants and algae
  • 'Augmented Reality, the visual Walkman’ published by PhD student Jurjen Caarls (IST)
  • ‘Nano violin string’ by Dr. Gary Steele (QN) published in scientific journal Science
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship of Applied Sciences awarded to Xie Tianyi for his participation in the SET 2009-2011 Master’s programme
  • Applied Sciences Teacher of the Year Awards for Prof. Michiel Kreutzer (ChemE) and Prof. Lieven Vandersypen (QN)
  • Casimir Research School awarded an NWO grant for excellent level of education and research in new graduate programme
  • First ten students receive Teaching Master’s in Science Education & Communication
  • Dr. Frank Hollmann (BT) wins Green Chemistry Award at EUROPACAT IX in Salamanca


October - December

  • Prof. Cees Dekker (BN) awarded ERC Advanced Grant for ‘Nanostructures for biology’
  • Dr. Pascale Daran Lapujade (BT) awarded VIDI grant for ‘Synthetic glycolysis in baker’s yeast’
  • Dr. Ferdinand Grozema (ChemE) awarded VIDI grant for ‘Wave-like motion of electrons’
  • Dr. Willem van Dorp (IST) awarded VENI grant for ‘Using electron beams as atomic pencils’
  • Dr. Rienk Eelkema (ChemE) awarded VENI grant for ‘Folding plastic at the molecular level’
  • Dr. Jan Lipfert (BN) awarded VENI grant for ‘DNA Twists and Shouts’
  • Dr. Jorge Gascon (ChemE) awarded VENI grant for ‘NEXT CAT-HOIF: designing the next generation of solid catalysts’
  • Dr. Gary Steele (QN) awarded VENI grant for ‘Coupling light, electrons, and nano-mechanical motion’
  • Dr. Arjan Houtepen (ChemE) awarded VENI grant for ‘Using nanocrystals to control light and power’
  • Master’s student Willem Haverkort (MSP) wins Univlever Research Award
  • Dr. Henk Jonkers (CiTG and BT) wins Delft Design & Engineering Award for ‘Calcium carbonate producing bacteria in bio-concrete’
  • TU Delft Top Graduate Award goes to Evelien Pingen (ChemE)
  • Prof. Harm Jonker (MSP) becomes Affiliate Scientist at the National Institute for Atmospheric Research NCAR) in Boulder, CO (USA) for three years
  • First students graduate from the new BioProduct Design PDEng degree programme
  • Van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory opened by Minister of Education Ronald Plasterk
  • Ir. Thijs van Leest (QN) wins Master’s prize in Applied Physics
  • Ir. Benjamin ter Kuile (MSP) wins UfD-Strukton Master Award
  • Bacterial relay race (BT) wins gold medal and Best Information Processing Project Award in the international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition
  • Prof. Harm Jonker (MSP) appears in Wall Street Journal with his research on clouds and their role in the global climate
  • Radiation Instrumentation Outstanding Achievement Award for Prof. Carel van Eijk (R³)
  • Dow Energy Prize awarded to Prof. Jack Pronk (BT) for ‘Modifying baker's yeast for use in the efficient production of bio-ethanol from pentose sugars’
  • MSP students reach final of TV competition Het Beste Idee Van Nederland (The Best Idea in the Netherlands) with their energy-efficient HE saucepan
  • Dr. Ronald Hanson (QN) becomes a member of the KNAW Young Academy
  • Test of the particle reduction system (BT) in the Thomassen Tunnel on the A15 motorway leads to a reduction of 15%
  • Doctor Honoris Causa for Prof. Kemo Hanjalic (MSP) from the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne in France
  • BE-Basic programme accredited: Biotech sector joins forces for biobased economy (www.be-basic.org)


List of abbreviations used:




Department of Bionanoscience




Department of Biotechnology




Department of Chemical Engineering




European Research Council




Human Resources




Department of Imaging Science & Technology




Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences




Magnetic Resonance Imaging




Department of Multi-Scale Physics




Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research




Department of Quantum Nanoscience



Department of Radiation, Radionuclides & Reactors




Positron Emission Computed Tomography




doctorate students




Master’s in Sustainable Energy Technology




Grant awarded by Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)




Grant awarded by Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)


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