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Wall of Fame, ECHO award and thesis prize

16 April 2014

A spot on the Students Wall of Fame, an award for excellent ethnic talent and a thesis prize: students of Applied Sciences accomplish exceptional things.Continue


Fast hydrogen powered cars and plant milking

08 April 2014

On 8 April, dean Tim van der Hagen visited technology fair Hannover Messe 2014. Among the exhibitors were our Botanical Garden displaying their plant milking system and dreamteam FormulaZero with Forze VI.Continue


Funding obtained for HollandPTC

02 April 2014

The European Investment Bank (EIB) announced it will provide a loan of 90 million euro towards building HollandPTC as first proton clinic in the Netherlands. The clinic will be built behind the RID building.Continue


Who will limit the power of the genetic engineering industry?

02 April 2014

Lotte Asveld, researcher at Biotechnology and Society, thinks it's worrisome that companies can use patents to control global food production. The Dutch newspaper Trouw published Asveld's opinion article (in Dutch).Continue


Media presence reactor institute experts

02 April 2014

The Nuclear Security Summit that was held in The Hague last week led to a series of public media performances by our nuclear experts Bert Wolterbeek, Peter Bode, Jan Leen Kloosterman and Tim van der Hagen.Continue


12 May Life Science Symposium ‘Limits of Lifespan’

02 April 2014

On 12 May, study association LIFE organizes the symposium ‘Limits of Lifespan’ in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden. Among the speakers are scientists affiliated to MIT and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing.Continue


Turning wastewater into bioplastic

02 April 2014

Mark van Loosdrecht and Robbert Kleerebezem of the Biotechnology Department carry out research on bacteria for wastewater treatment. NRC Handelsblad wrote a story about PhD Jelmer Tamis, who worked at an experiment at a candy factory. Continue


Annette Duetz (AP) on Students Wall of Fame

02 April 2014

Applied Physics student Annette Duetz has obtained a spot on the TU Delft Students Wall of Fame: a hall of fame for students who have achieved something extraordinary.Continue


Kouwenhoven honorary member KIVI

21 March 2014
Kouwenhoven: "Engineering deserves more appreciation."

At the ‘Day of the Engineer’ that was held 19 March, prof.dr. Leo Kouwenhoven was appointed honorary member of KIVI: the Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers. Delta wrote an article about it.Continue

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