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ERC Advanced Grant for synthetic cells

26 May 2015

Scientist Cees Dekker from TU Delft has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant by the European Union for research into synthetic cell division. He will receive €2.5 million for his new five-year research programme.Continue


The monopoly of Aluminium is broken

25 May 2015

Discovering Majorana’s was only the first step, but utilizing it as a quantum bit (qubit) still remains a major challenge. An important step towards this goal has just been taken, as shown by researchers from TU Delft in today’s issue of Nature Physics. It is an almost thirty years old scientific problem that has just been resolved: demonstrating the difference between the even and odd occupation...Continue


Three grants for superresolution microscopy research

21 May 2015

Jacob Hoogenboom (ImPhys) has recently obtained three grants for projects in the field of superresolution microscopy. With fluorescence superresolution imaging techniques (2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry), molecules can be localized with a resolution far below the optical diffraction limit. Correlation of superresolution data with information on the structural environment obtained with an electron...Continue


TU Delft launches new Space Institute

19 May 2015

This afternoon saw the official kick off of the TU Delft Space Institute by the Interact Rover. The Rover, developed jointly by TU Delft and ESA, was located at ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk and operated remotely from TU Delft during the opening symposium of the TU Delft Space Institute. The new institute is intended to bring together and strengthen the university's space activities.Continue


Seven Vidi grants for TU Delft: from inaudible sound to thirsty crops

20 May 2015

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded Vidi grants worth up to EUR 800,000 to seven researchers at TU Delft. Vidi targets experienced researchers qualified to PhD level who are already some years into their research career. A Vidi grant enables them to spend five years conducting research and developing their own innovative line of research. Continue


Nynke Dekker elected as member of KNAW

21 May 2015

Professor Nynke Dekker, professor of molecular biophysics at TU Delft, is one of sixteen new members elected to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Members of KNAW, leading scientists and scholars from every discipline, are elected from nominations submitted by their peers within and outside of the Academy.Continue

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