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TU Delft students win iGEM competition with bacterial printer

30 September 2015
The winning team

TU Delft students scooped up prizes galore at the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition in Boston. With their project, ‘Biolinker’, a 3D printer built out of K’NEX that can print layers of bacteria, they won the overall prize, making them the best team in the world. They also won three other prizes: best hardware project, best wiki (website), and best applied design.Continue


The unique PEARL measuring instrument improves the energy materials research at TU Delft

24 September 2015

Materials research has led to significant technological progress in the last few decades. Society now needs technological solutions for renewable energy, and new storage and conversion materials must play an important role in these solutions. In order to be able to understand and develop these types of materials, the TU Delft Reactor Institute has constructed PEARL, a neutron powder...Continue


A network of directly linked nanocrystals with promising prospects for solar cells and electronics

24 September 2015

Directly connecting semiconductor nanocrystals in a new way allows networks with better electronic properties to be created. The created lead selenide networks are promising and could be used for future solar cells or transistors, for example. Researchers under the supervision of TU Delft published their results in the online edition of the journal Nature Communications this week.Continue


TU Delft research helps to improve Li-ion batteries

23 September 2015

Researchers of the TU Delft have shed more light on what happens in the electrodes of Li-ion batteries at the smallest level. These new insights will help to improve the design of the much used Li-ion batteries. The researchers report on their findings in the online edition of Nature Communications, today Wednesday 23 September.Continue


Team of TU Delft students prints bacterial biofilm using K’NEX 3D printer

18 September 2015

At the end of September, a team of TU Delft students using a 3D printer made from K’NEX construction toy parts will be participating in the iGEM international student competition in the field of synthetic biology. The team will use the printer to efficiently create biofilms – thin layers of bacteria or microorganisms. These biofilms can be used as testing material in research into such layers,...Continue


Learn more about the basics of Transport Phenomena

31 August 2015

Do you want to learn the basic framework for a broad spectrum of engineering problems concerning transfer of heat, mass and momentum? Follow the free online course ‘Basics of Transport Phenomena’ (MOOC).Continue

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