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AS-research graces the cover of Nano Letters

19 January 2017

In November 2016, we wrote about a new type of sensor. This sensor, which the Organic Materials & Interfaces group of the department of Chemical Engineering worked on, has the potential to replace sniffer dogs when it comes to detecting explosives. An artist’s impression of such a nanosensor now graces the cover of the latest issue of Nano Letters, an honour that not many scientists can lay claim...Continue


Isabel Arends in ‘Portraits of Science’

19 January 2017

In ‘Portraits of Science’ TU Delft showcases a number of people who, with their achievements, have made 2016 a special year. ‘People who know how to get the best out of themselves and who inspire others to do the same’, as Tim van der Hagen, president of the Board of TU Delft, puts it. Continue


STO2 landed and data secured

20 January 2017
The STO2 first light spectrum at 1.9 THz

The STO2 telescope with Dutch detectors on board that circled around the South Pole in December 2016 to investigate gas clouds between the stars landed safely on 30 December.Continue


New MOOC ‘Advanced Transport Phenomena’ about to start

29 December 2016

On the 4th of January, a new MOOC ‘Advanced Transport Phenomena’ will kick off. The MOOC takes six weeks in total and it has a study load of approximately eight to ten hours a week.Continue


Discovery by Delft researchers opens the door to new electronics

28 December 2016

A group of European scientists led by researchers at TU Delft has discovered how phase transitions propagate throughout materials called ‘nickelates’. The discovery improves our understanding of these novel materials, which can potentially be used in future electronics.Continue


Ronald Hanson to make an appearance in television show MindF*ck on New Year’s Eve

23 December 2016

For a special edition of the popular television show MindF * ck, which will be broadcast on New Year's Eve, illusionist Victor Mids will teleport a person from the Netherlands to another place on earth. Mids will also speak with prof. dr. ir. Ronald Hanson during the show.Continue

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