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Spoor wins best contributed talk from Rank Prize Funds

26 November 2015

Frank Spoor has won the prize for most outstanding contributed talk at the Rank Prize Funds symposium on optoelectronics. Spoor, PhD student at the Optoelectronic Materials section, held his talk at the “Electroluminescent and Photovoltaic Effects in Nanocrystal Quantum Dots” symposium which was held in Grasmere, England, from 16 to 19 November. Continue


Explaining the stripes of the zebra

25 November 2015

Researchers from Delft University of Technology have made steps to explain how spatial patterns, like the stripes on a zebra, emerge in a population of cells. This enables them to predict certain spatial patterns without having complete information about what each of the millions of cells are doing. The researchers published their findings in Cell Systems on 25 November 2015.Continue


ERC starting grant for Wehner

24 November 2015

Stephanie Wehner has received an ERC starting grant from the European Union. She will receive 1.5 million euros for a new five year research programme into quantum communication networks. Continue


Seven ERC Starting Grants for TU Delft researchers

18 November 2015

Seven TU Delft researchers have been awarded ERC Starting Grants from the European Research Council. The grants (1,5 million euros for five year programmes) are intended to support up-and-coming research leaders and enable the creation of excellent new research teams.Continue


Niessen receives Simon Stevin Meesterprijs

12 November 2015

Technology foundation STW has awarded the title Simon Stevin Meester 2015 to Professor Wiro Niessen, part-time professor at the department of Imaging Physics. On 5 November 2015, he received a cheque for 500,000 euros. Continue


Nature article Hanson and Hensen hits media around the globe

10 November 2015

From the front pages of the New York Times, to the New Scientist and the Japan times, the Loophole free Bell test by Ronald Hanson and Bas Hensen was covered by media around the world. All 111 news items from Holland to Bosnia and from China to Costa Rica are listed below. Continue

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