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Incident in Hilversum

30 January 2015

TU Delft was shocked by the events that took place in Hilversum yesterday. The investigation into the incident is being carried out by the Dutch Prosecution Service, who will provide further information.Students will be given the opportunity to meet, should they wish to do so. They can also opt to see a student counsellor or psychologist. Continue


Dr. Bernd Rieger and dr. Ferdinand Grozema win ERC Consolidator Grant

29 January 2015

Dr. Bernd Rieger (ImPhys) and dr. Ferdinand Grozema (ChemE) have been awarded with a Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). During the next five years they will receive funding in the amount of 1.9 million euros for their research.Continue


Tommaso Lotti wins 2014 Jaap van der Graaf-prize

22 January 2015

Tommaso Lotti has won the Jaap van der Graaf-prize. This prize is awarded to the student or researcher who has written the best English article on wastewater treatment in the previous year.Continue


New textbook concerning biomass as a sustainable energy source for the future

15 January 2015

Currently, the production of heat, power, and gaseous or liquid fuels receives substantial attention. Last Friday, dr. Wiebren de Jong and dr. Ruud van Ommen of TU Delft presented a new textbook in which all different biomass conversion technologies are dealt with. The authors have presented the first copy to Anka Mulder, Vice-President for Education & Operations at TU Delft.Continue


New light on the compaction of DNA in cells

09 January 2015

Researchers of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience of TU Delft have discovered that tetrasomes - proteins that play a crucial role in the folding of DNA - fluctuate spontaneously between a left-handed and a right-handed form. This discovery has changed our view of the organization of DNA in cells. The research, conducted in cooperation with the Innsbruck Medical University, has appeared this week...Continue


“Candy becomes plastic” is worth a TEDxAmsterdam Award

07 January 2015

Gerben Stouten (PhD student at Environmental Biotechnology) won the TEDxAmsterdam Award 2014.Continue


Executive Board supports establishment of Delft Global Initiative

07 January 2015

The Executive Board has decided to set up the Delft Global Initiative as of 1 January 2015. Jennifer Kockx (previously employee of Bionanoscience) will be the initiative’s programme manager.Continue


Biophysics in living cells: details of sliding clamp further unravelled

07 January 2015

TU Delft researchers have, in collaboration with their colleagues at the University of Oxford and the McGill University, further unravelled the molecular details of the so-called sliding clamp. The β2 clamp is an essential protein in DNA replication and repair. The research results were published on 18 December in the open access scientific journal Nature Communications.Continue


TU Delft works to build smart cities through sustainability and big data

07 January 2015

The urbanisation of our world is happening at an incredible pace. How can we ensure that the mega-cities of the future are safe, sustainable and still pleasant to live in? What role will big data play in this process and how can we adapt our cities? Will the engineers of tomorrow be able to build smart cities? These will be some of the central issues at a seminar and academic ceremony on the...Continue

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