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Student Zaid Thanawala winner finals Shell Bachelor Master award

09 March 2015

On Wednesday March 25 Zaid Thanawala, student Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft, won the Shell Bachelor Master award for his master theses on efficient solar to hydrogen conversion.Continue


Honorary doctorate Ghent University for Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht

25 March 2015

On 20 March 2015, Ghent University awarded an honorary doctorate to Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht. He was nominated by the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. His honorary doctorate was traditionally awarded during the Dies Natalis of Ghent University.Continue


The Netherlands can play a leading role in the European energy market

24 March 2015

What will Europe look like in the year 2050? And most importantly, how can we start preparing now for major and complex changes in our energy infrastructure, while also ensuring that the Dutch economy continues to prosper? That is central question of The Delft Plan: the Netherlands as Europe’s Energy Gateway. The plan is TU Delft’s proposal to initiate a movement to harness the power of the...Continue


Department Biotechnology organises advanced course in Campinas, Brazil

23 March 2015

From 23-27 February 2015, TU Delft and partners offered a one-week advanced course Metabolomics for Microbial Systems Biology at Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil. This course was a joint effort of staff from Delft University of Technology (department Biotechnology), Universidade de São Paulo and Universidade de Campinas and supported by the Foundations Biotechnology Studies Delft-Leiden (BSDL) and...Continue


Three students of Applied Sciences are selected for the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School

19 March 2015

Sharon Bosch, Eva Schouten (both MST) and Kevin An (AP), are selected for the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School [NAHSS]. In late June 2015, together with 97 other Dutch students, they will travel to Asia.Continue


Prof. Patricia Osseweijer receives Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship

19 March 2015

Patricia Osseweijer, Professor of Science Communication, wins the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship 2015/16 for her research on the transition from a fossil to a bio-based economy.Continue


Delft and Copenhagen join forces to create quantum computer

18 March 2015

Delft-based QuTech and the Danish Niels Bohr Institute have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday 17 March, in the presence of the King and Queen of the Netherlands and the Danish prime minister. Both institutes are internationally renowned for their work in the field of quantum technology. They are looking to work together more closely and to establish broad-based, international...Continue


The 3Binding project: tiny molecules, major success

16 March 2015

Looking back, Bert Wolterbeek is proud of what the 3Binding project has achieved. “Even though the project has ended, its relevance is multiplying”.Continue


Major improvement on detection of contaminating particles in solar cell production

13 March 2015

Detection and localization of isolated contaminations on a flat surface becomes increasingly difficult when they become smaller than can be resolved by cameras (below the diffraction limit for visual illumination). Continue


How academia can collaborate with industry

10 March 2015

Not all academic and industrial organizations and scientists are aware of the possibilities and pitfalls of industrial-academic collaboration. The most important factor is a willingness of industrial and academic collaborators to understand and respect each other’s core objectives, Jack Pronk, professor at Delft University of Technology, states in the March issue of Nature Biotechnology. Together...Continue


2015 Physica Prize awarded to Marileen Dogterom

12 March 2015

The Physica Prize for 2015 has been awarded to TU Delft researcher Marileen Dogterom. ‘She is very deserving of the prize’ says the Dutch Physics Society NVV. ‘Marileen Dogterom is a world-class expert in experimental cell biophysics and is one of the pioneers who has contributed to the excellent reputation throughout the world of single molecule biophysics research in the Netherlands. In the...Continue


TU Delft and Dow Chemical Company report breakthrough in Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis

05 March 2015

The growing concerns about oil depletion have spurred worldwide interest in finding alternative feedstocks for important petrochemical commodities and fuels. Among these commodities, so-called lower olefins are key building blocks for the manufacture of plastics, cosmetics and drugs.Continue


Dr. Steven Flipse receives EU award for innovation tool

04 March 2015

A team led by Dr. Steven Flipse (SEC) has won an award as part of the ‘Responsible Industry’ EU project for conceiving one of the five best methods of putting responsible innovation into practice.Continue


Four Horizon 2020 successes for NERA

04 March 2015

The NERA (Nuclear Energy and Radiation Applications) research group is to receive €2 million through a Horizon 2020 grant. Four research proposals will be carried out together with various European partners. Continue

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