Isabel Arends vice-president of AES domain at NWO

16 February 2017

Professor Isabel Arends is to play an important role in the new structure of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). She has been appointed vice-president of the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES).Continue


The Unexpected Science of Steel and Chocolate (copy 1)

06 February 2017

Did you know that chocolate tastes different, is less prone to breaking and melts more quickly when its structure changes? And did you know that this is a typical materials-related aspect that researchers also look at when making steel, for example? The complex challenges that chocolatiers face every day are in fact pure science, just like the production of steel. Continue


Luuk van der Wielen appointed Director of the Irish Bernal Institute

03 February 2017

As of Wednesday 1st of February Prof. dr. ir. Luuk A.M. van der Wielen, Distinguished Professor for Biobased Economy at TU Delft, will officially start in his new position as Director of the Bernal Institute and Bernal Professor of Biosystems Engineering & Design, University of Limerick, Ireland.Continue


Rubicon grant awarded to three scientists of AS

01 February 2017

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research has awarded Rubicon grants to three scientists of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The programme will allow these recently graduated scientists to gain experience at a foreign top institute. Continue


QN and BN successfully attract young scientific talent

01 February 2017

This week, six Marie Curie Fellowships were awarded to young international scientists to pursue the next step in their burgeoning career at the BN (two fellowships) and QN (four fellowships) departments of the Delft Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft University of Technology. Continue


Mark van Loosdrecht claims third place in ‘Top 25 Global Water Leaders’

01 February 2017

Professor Mark van Loosdrecht has been named as one of the top 25 ‘Water Leaders’ of Water & Wastewater International Magazine, making it to the third spot in the list. Another Dutchman, René Noppeney of Royal HaskoningDHV, was chosen as this year’s winner.Continue


Bernd Rieger (AS) appointed Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor

31 January 2017

Bernd Rieger of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (AS) has been appointed Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor. His field of research is computational microscopy. The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek appointments are intended for the promotion of young outstanding researchers to professorships in order for them to optimally pursue the ongoing development of their academic careers.Continue


AS-research graces the cover of Nano Letters

19 January 2017

In November 2016, we wrote about a new type of sensor. This sensor, which the Organic Materials & Interfaces group of the department of Chemical Engineering worked on, has the potential to replace sniffer dogs when it comes to detecting explosives. An artist’s impression of such a nanosensor now graces the cover of the latest issue of Nano Letters, an honour that not many scientists can lay claim...Continue


Isabel Arends in ‘Portraits of Science’

19 January 2017

In ‘Portraits of Science’ TU Delft showcases a number of people who, with their achievements, have made 2016 a special year. ‘People who know how to get the best out of themselves and who inspire others to do the same’, as Tim van der Hagen, president of the Board of TU Delft, puts it. Continue


New MOOC ‘Advanced Transport Phenomena’ about to start

29 December 2016

On the 4th of January, a new MOOC ‘Advanced Transport Phenomena’ will kick off. The MOOC takes six weeks in total and it has a study load of approximately eight to ten hours a week.Continue


Discovery by Delft researchers opens the door to new electronics

28 December 2016

A group of European scientists led by researchers at TU Delft has discovered how phase transitions propagate throughout materials called ‘nickelates’. The discovery improves our understanding of these novel materials, which can potentially be used in future electronics.Continue


Ronald Hanson to make an appearance in television show MindF*ck on New Year’s Eve

23 December 2016

For a special edition of the popular television show MindF * ck, which will be broadcast on New Year's Eve, illusionist Victor Mids will teleport a person from the Netherlands to another place on earth. Mids will also speak with prof. dr. ir. Ronald Hanson during the show.Continue


Two grants for research projects Jacob Hoogenboom

15 December 2016

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research has awarded Dr Jacob Hoogenboom (ImPhys) an ECHO grant (for Excellent Chemisch Onderzoek) and a Building Blocks of Life grant.Continue


Affordable, sustainable houses and disease detecting microchips

14 December 2016

TU Delft | Global Initiative invests in six more long-term research projects to find concrete solutions that directly improve lives of people living in poverty. These grants enable Delft engineers to contribute to the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.Continue


Arjan Houtepen becomes member of ‘The Young Academy’

14 December 2016

Arjan Houtepen, associate professor at the department of Chemical Engineering, has been elected to join ‘The Young Academy’. This is a group of 50 young scientists associated with the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW). Continue


AS graduate Eduardo Olimpio wins several prizes

01 December 2016

Eduardo Pavinato Olimpio, a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, has secured multiple nominations and has won two awards for his graduation project.Continue


Professor Lucas van Vliet appointed dean of Applied Sciences

01 December 2016

As per 1 January 2017, the TU Delft Executive Board has appointed Professor Lucas van Vliet as dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (AS).Continue


Rienk Eelkema wins ERC Consolidator Grant to introduce communication in soft materials

30 November 2016

Dr. Rienk Eelkema has won a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant. He will use this funding, which amounts to 2 million euros, to introduce communication in synthetic soft materials. Continue


Young Talent Incentive Awards for five first-year students at Faculty of Applied Sciences

30 November 2016

On 28 November, ten first-year students at TU Delft were presented with a Young Talent Incentive Award worth €500 from the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) in Haarlem.Continue


FOM grant for Chirlmin Joo and colleagues

30 November 2016

Dr Chirlmin Joo has been awarded funding from FOM. Together with colleagues from TU Delft and researchers from Wageningen and Groningen, he will be using this funding to analyse proteins molecule by molecule using single-molecule techniques. Continue

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