Botanical Garden & Beijerinck Museum

The Faculty of Applied Sciences has a botanical garden and a museum:

TU Delft Botanical garden

The Botanical garden at TU Delft dates from 1917. The garden includes a park-like garden of trees, a glasshouse complex with tropical and subtropical plants, a herb garden and a central garden with a splendid collection of useful and ornamental plants. The garden has its own specialisation as part of the national collection of flora.

Beijerinck and Kluyver archive

The loft in the building of the department of Biotechnology houses a large number of letters, manuscripts, drawings and microscopes of microbiologists Beijerinck en Kluyver. This 'museum' is not accessible for public, only visiting researchers can get a tour. Dr. Lesley Robertson, guardian of the museum, opens up a part of the collection on the internet.

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