Research in Health, Energy and Environment

The Faculty of Applied Sciences focuses on finding innovative scientific solutions to the problems faced by today's society. A lot of our research is aimed at three key social challenges (or 'Delft Research Initiatives'):

  • improving technologies for public health and healthcare;
  • providing clean, reliable and affordable energy;
  • strenghtening sustainable efforts.

Health highlights

Proton therapy for treating cancer Department of Radiation, Science & Technology is aiming towards the realisation of a centre for proton therapy in the Randstad conurbation. Read more

Energy highlights

Bioethanol production from agricultural waste With the introduction of a single bacterial gene into yeast, researchers from Department of Biotechnology achieved three improvements in bioethanol production from agricultural waste material. Read more

Dye sensitized solar cells The department of Chemical Engineering conducts research into cheaper solar cells with adequate levels of efficiency. Read more

Energy Flash Back 2040 Tim van der Hagen (Department of Radiation, Science & Technology) looks 'back' with two Dutch politicians to the energy revolution from 2040. Flash back 2040 part I, part II, part III.

Environment highlights

Nereda: efficient waste water treatment The Biotechnology department is using Nereda technology to facilitate the sustainable and energy-efficient treatment of waste water. Read more



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