The Postgraduate Programme "Designer in Bioprocess Engineering" develops selected MSc-holders in (Bio-)Chemical Engineering or a related discipline into Designers in Bioprocess Engineering, with the title "Professional Doctorate in Engineering", or "PDEng".

Throughout the programme, the PDEng trainee is trained to develop and apply the following qualities:

  • an independent attitude
  • a critical approach
  • creativity
  • a focus on innovative application of biotechnology

Upon finishing the programme, Designer in Biochemical Engineering demonstrates the following attainment levels:

  1. The Designer has a thorough knowledge of the biological and chemical sciences, mathematics, physical chemistry, chemical and physical engineering and techno-economical sciences. He is able to familiarize him/herself quickly in a new field and to design a biological process as part of the production cycles (including waste streams).
  2. The Designer contributes to the development of new (applications of) processes, products or process-modes and is able to evaluate different process options, including their (modes of) control.
  3. The Designer operates in a multidisciplinary group, implementing his/her project management, communication and reporting skills and appreciating the relevance of different disciplines.
  4. Throughout the process design, the Designer integrates the biotechnological base disciplines, together with the environmental, safety, health, quality and sustainability aspects, and takes into account the technological as well as the economical feasibility and reliability. The Designer manages the design project, controlling profitability and other criteria.
  5. The Designer is able to design the experiments necessary and appropriate for the design and evaluate their results.
  6. The Designer can understand the related literature and can evaluate the results from reports and publications.
  7. The Designer can professionally promote and sell the Design.

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