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  • Microbial conversion of inorganic compounds
  • Biofilm processes and gradient systems
  • Molecular ecology
  • Production of chemicals by mixed microbial cultures 
  • Finished projects


Arranged chronologically, most recent at the top; finished projects at the bottom of the list.

Microbial conversion of inorganic compounds (N, P, S, Fe)

Ecology of nitrate reduction

Eveline van den Berg

Application of anammox in the mainstream of a wastewater treatment plant

Maaike Hoekstra

Impact of Process Dynamics on Microbial Communities and N2O formation in Wastewater systems

Monica Conte Calvo

Niche Differentiation of Microbial Communities Involved in the EBPR Process

Laurens Welles

Microbiology of sulphur oxidation at extremely high salt and pH

Dimitri Sorokin

Microbiological aspects of drinking water treatment and distribution

Microbiological aspects of drinking water treatment and distribution

Hans Vrouwenvelder

Biofilm processes and gradient systems

Modelling population dynamics in mixed culture biofilms

Cristian Picioreanu

Production of chemicals by mixed microbial cultures

Linking microbial communities to fermentative behavior in the anaerobic conversion of lignocellulosic sugars

Jules Rombouts

Exploring the natural diversity of anaerobic galacturonic acid fermentation

Laura Valk

Bioplastic production from wastewater

Emma Korkakaki

Pilot-scale bioplastic production from organic waste-streams

Jelmer Tamis

Modelling product formation in mixed culture fermentations

Robbert Kleerebezem

Aerobic granular sludge

Process optimization and novel applications of aerobic granular sludge

Mario Pronk

Extraction and characterization of extracellular polymeric substances 

Isolation and characterization of biopolymers from anammox granular sludge

Marissa Boleij

Alginate-like extracellular polymers isolated from aerobic granules: Characterization and application

Simon Felz

Novel applications and extraction methods for EPS

Yuemei Lin

Finished projects

CO2 mineralization during biological wastewater treatment

Shiva Shayegan Salek

Optimization of the production of storage compounds by mixed microbial culture using non fermented substrates

Helena Moralejo Gárate

Impact of toilet paper on behaviour of wastewater treatment plants

Chris Ruiken

Ecology of mixed cultures producing PHA

Jiang Yang

Microbiologically influenced corrosion of steel structures in harbors

Florence Marty

Biodegradation of micropollutants in drinking water

Marco Casola

Modelling of biofouling in reverse osmosis membrane processes

Andrea Radu

Modelling the development of myxobacterial fruiting bodies

Albertas Janulevicius

Modelling the role of specific biology in biofilm formation and activity

Olga Ilie

Implementing metabolic analysis in mixed culture fermentations

Jasper Meijer

Nitrogen recovery from concentrated ammonium waste streams - a combined biological and chemical process

Raymon Frediansyah

Microbial life in oil associated subsurface ecosystems

Geert van der Kraan

Sludge reduction with oligocheate worms

Jelmer Tamis

Aerobic Granule Reactors

Merle de Kreuk

Biological fouling of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes used in water treatment

Hans Vrouwenvelder

Modeling of fouling in membrane bioreactors systems

Paula van den Brink

Microbial assessment of Aerobic Granular Sludge

Mari Winkler

Influence of nitrogen oxides on the metabolism of ammonia oxidizing bacteria

Marlies Kampschreur

Nitrification of groundwater

Weren de Vet

Nitrogen recovery from concentrated ammonium waste streams - a combined biological and chemical process

Raymon Frediansyah

Biogrout: Ground improvement by microbially induced carbonate precipitation

Leon van Paassen

PHA production in aerobic mixed microbial cultures

Katja Johnson

Metagenomics for the discovery of novel biocatalysts

Krisztina Gabor

Effect of higher temperature on activated sludge systems

Carlos Lopez Vazquez **

Ecological role of closely-related coexisting sulfate reducing bacteria

Shabir Dar

Microbial ecology of halo-alkaliphilic sulphur bacteria

Mirjam Foti

Biodegradable plastics production from palm oil effluent (POME)

Mohd Fadhil

Functional significance of compartmentalization in anammox bacteria

Laura van Niftrik*

Microbial ecology of phototrophic biofioms

Guus Roeselers

Diversity and function of microphytobenthos along a salinity gradient in the Westerschelde

Emel Sahan

Growth and metabolism of Anammox Bacteria

Wouter van der Star

Effects of heavy metals on microbial diversity and bacterial resistance in marine sediments

Ann-Charlotte Toes

Directing product formation by mixed culture fermentation

Margarida F. Temudo

Microbial removal of nitrogen oxides from flue gas: the BioDeNOx-process

Raji Kumaraswamy

Biochemistry of anammox

Irina A. Y. Cirpus*

Kinetic and metabolic modelling of aquatic phototrophic biofilms

Gundula Wolf

Development and application of DNA microarrays for the detection of protozoa in wastewater

Christian Mayer
Paul Roosken

Treatment of source separated urine and wastewater

Jac Wilsenach

Validation of multidimensional modelling of biofilm structure

Joao Xavier

Biological oxidation of ferrous iron and sulphide in gradient systems at near-neutral pH

Jeanine Geelhoed

Biotreatment of SO2 and H2S contaminated gas streams

Sirous Ebrahimi

Bioaugmentation by nitrification with return sludge (BABE technology)

Sonia Salem

Physiology of alkaliphilic sulfur-oxidizing bacteria from soda lakes

Horia Banciu

Bulking sludge control: kinetics, substrate storage and process design aspects

Antonio Martins

Mathematical modelling of biocorrosion

Cristian Picioreanu
Wouter van der Star

Nitrification in saline industrial wastewater

Moustafa Moussa**

The combined SHARON ANAMMOX process

Udo van Dongen

*  = stationed at University of Nijmegen
** = stationed at UNESCO-IHE

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