M.Sc. thesis

Elmer Jansen, Wave field characterisation for Delft Breast Ultrasound Scanner, Nov 2016

Stefan Bakrac, Automated full waveform seismic-to-well tying, Sep 2016

Sander de Lanoy, Scattered Field Inversion, Jul 2016

Jos de Wit, Sequential Beamforming for Phased Array using Stolt Migration, May 2016

Nick Stigter, Measuring the Acoustic Medium Parameters of Human Breast Tissues, Mar 2016

Jonne Moeskops, Inversion of 2-D data for detecting breast cancer, Oct 2015

Lana Keijzer, Development of an Experimental Setup for Measuring the Speed of Sound and Attenuation in Breast Tissue, Oct 2015

Anouk Stukker, Data Acquisition design of the Delft Breast Ultrasound Scanner, Oct 2015

Bastiaan Dekker, Imaging and Inversion of Acoustic Data for Breast Cancer Detection, Jul 2015

Mathijs Rozemuller, Characterization of an Intravascular Ultrasound Array, Jul 2015

Karlien Sambell, Full wavefield migration of multi-component ocean bottom node data, Jun 2015

Inés Beekers, Modeling the amount of backscattered pressure from the collection of red blood cells in a vessel, Jun 2015

Leon van der Graaff, Frequency- and angle dependency of the scattering of ultrasound as a contrast mechanism for imaging blood in the neonatal brain, May 2015

Jan Asmus, Using The Non-Linear Effect of Ultrasound to Perform a Temperature Measurement in Water, Jan 2015 

Corine de Winter, Inversion of near-surface seismic measurement to estimate soil stiffness relevant for offshore wind turbines, Nov 2014

Ronald van Miert, Solving the Acoustical Inverse Problem using SAFT, the Born Approximation and Quasi-Stretching, May 2013

Iris Koster, Solution methods for Electric Field Integral Equations, Dec. 2012

Anwar Malgoezar, Reflection and transmission of plane acoustic waves on a nonlinear interface, Sep. 2012

Marijn van Nijhuis, An efficient method to accurately calculate pressure fields for the 3D USCT II system, Jul. 2012

Armin Rasidovic, Ultrasonic Imaging of Austenitic Welds using Inverse Wave Field Extrapolation, Jun. 2012

Jasper Schouten, Sparseness-constrained, least-squares migration of blended seismic data, including surface multiples, May 2012

Simon de Koning, Imaging in coupled plates using bending waves, May 2011

Jan-Willem Vrolijk, Full waveform operators in near-surface redatuming, Feb. 2011

Marcel Korver, The realtime implementation of a directional endfire loudspeaker array, Jan. 2011

Rob Opdam, Binaural CASA algorithm for speech source localization, Nov. 2010

Dirk-Jan Elzinga, Speech source localisation with binaural CASA approaches, Oct. 2010

Frank Ypma, Estimating Primaries by Sparse Inversion, a Generalized Approach, Oct. 2010

Pieter Kruizinga, Contrast enhancement in photoacoustic imaging: a multi-dimensional approach, Oct. 2010

Eldert Both, Feasibility study of temperature estimation based on nonlinear acoustics, Feb. 2010

Xander Staal, Target-oriented full waveform inversion of seismic data - development and verification on field data, Oct. 2009

Gerben Zeilstra, Speech Intelligibility in Classrooms, Aug. 2009

Erik Luiten, Wall Thickness Tomography in Complex Geometries with Ultrasonic Guided Waves, Apr. 2009

Gelas Karim, Analysis of velocity estimation by tomographic inversion, Feb. 2009

Xavier Deleye, Beamforming for a real-time 3D transesophageal echo matrix transducer, Nov. 2008

Chris van Wijngaarden, Including surface-related multiples in focusing operator estimation, May 2008

Jurriaan Bakker, Heating breast tumors with an ultrasound or electromagnetic cylindrical phased-array, Jan. 2008

Erwin Alles, A finite element model for a Multi-Actuator Panel, Jun. 2007

Rolf Baardman, 3D ultrasonic imaging of defects in welds by inverse wave field extrapolation, Mar. 2007

Eric Schreurs, Array-based analysis of scattering and diffusion at sound reflecting boundaries, Jan. 2007

Sandra Blaak, Equalization using listening room measurements and model based reflection compensation for Multi Actuator Panel loudspeakers, Jun. 2006

Jasper van Dorp Schuitman, Wave Field Synthesis Using Multi Actuator Panel Loudspeakers: Design and Application of Various Digital Filtering Algorithms, Oct. 2005

Angelique Ale, Estimation of differential focusing operators, Sep. 2005

Naziema Joeman, Diffuser performance analysis by measured-based modelling, Sep. 2005

Mikolaj Krzewicki, True amplitude CFP operator extrapolation, Aug. 2005

Bouchaib El Marhfoul, Automatic estimation of 2D and 3D near surface focusing operators using parametric inversion, Aug. 2005

Peter Grond, Extraction of 3D information from 2D array measurements, Jun. 2005

Jona Verhaeghe, Parameterized focusing operator updating, Feb. 2005

Rolf Hut, Time frequency analysis -A comparison between cochlear modeling and existing methods, Sep. 2004

Robby Faas, Optimization of the beamforming of the hearing glasses to suppress or to pick-up the wearer's own voice signal, May 2004

Rik Vos, The modelling, design and prototyping of a 20 MHz - 40 MHz harmonic intravascular ultrasound transducer, May 2004

Hiske Helleman, Sensitivity of the human auditory system to spatial variations in single early reflections, Nov. 2003

Rik van Zon, Room compensation for Wave Field Synthesis using MAP loudspeakers, Oct. 2003

Jochem van der Vorm, Transform coding of audio impulse responses, Aug. 2003

Wouter Borghols, Joint tomographic inversion of P and S wave focusing operators, Jun. 2003

Thomas Schuurmans, Development of a circular microphone array for live-music recording, May 2003

Maarten Brink, The acoustic representation of bending waves, Nov. 2002

Merten van Gastel, Using model-based techniques to improve the measurement of aircraft noise with microphone arrays, Oct. 2002

Sammy Atmadja, Implementing of a sourcetracking system using cross correlation of speech signals, Sep. 2002

Marije Baalman, Spaciousness in concert halls: perceptibility of IACC-differences, Aug. 2001

Emmanuelle Bourdillat, Auralization of sound fields in auditoria using Wave Field Synthesis, Jul. 2001

Wilfred van Rooijen, Distributed mode loudspeakers for Wave Field Synthesis, Apr. 2001

Ruud van Leeuwen, Imaging of acoustic data acquired on a circular array using wave field extrapolation, Mar. 2001

Arjan Mast, An experimental microphone antenna array for measuring aircraft noise, Mar. 2001

Kees Schrama, Homogeneity of reverberant wave fields synthesized with loudspeaker arrays, Feb. 2001

Carmen van den IJssel, CFP operator updating using both primaries and multiples, Apr. 2000

Carola Verbeek, Determination of moving noise sources with intensity based aperture synthesis, Jun. 1999

Remco Reeuwijk, Source tracking based on cross correlation of speech signals, Apr. 1999

Jelte Bearda, Determination of crosswind speeds in the landing path of airplanes with remote sensing, Sep. 1998

Joeri Labeeuw, Optimization of amplitude distributions in Wave Field Synthesis applied to early reflections and virtual sources, Sep. 1998

Dion de Roo, Design and implementation of optimized filters for directional hearing aids, Sep. 1998

Erik Larsen, Controlling the early reflection patterns in enclosures by Wave Field Synthesis, Apr. 1998

Jan Martens, Analysis of bending wave patterns using array technology, Apr. 1998

Bernd van den Oetelaar, A new wavefield extrapolation model for the simulation of impulse responses in enclosures, Sep. 1997

Jan Baan, Array technology for acoustic wavefield analysis in enclosed spaces, Aug. 1997

Arno Baels, Imaging and characterization of outdoor noise sources, Aug. 1997

Gerald Jansen, Focused wavefields and moving virtual sources by wavefield synthesis, Aug. 1997

Alex Geerlings, Heuristic tracking in seismic data, 1986

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