ir. P.Prins

Paulette Prins
PhD student

Delft University of Technology
Julianalaan 136
2628 BL Delft
The Netherlands
Tel. ++31 15 2783914

Office: 1.204



Research Project

Charge transport along molecular wires.
The transport of charge along isolated conjugated polymer chains is studied experimentally by a combination of pulse radiolysis and time-resolved microwave conductivity measurements. Additionally, the charge transport is studied by computer simulations. The combination of experimental results and calculations gives a unique insight in charge transport along molecular wires in absence of complications arising through the presence of electrodes.


  • present-2002 PhD Student Radiation Chemistry department, Delft University of Technology,
    Thesis:Opto-electronic properties of conjugated molecular wires”.

  • 2002-1996 Undergraduate studies, Applied Physics, Delft University of technology.

Selected Publications

  • High intra-chain hole mobility on molecular wires of ladder type poly(p-phenylenes).
    P. Prins, F.C. Grozema, J.M. Schins, S. Patil, U. Scherf, and L.D.A. Siebbeles, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 146601 (2006)

  • Effect of inter-molecular disorder on the intra-chain charge transport in ladder-type poly(p-phenylenes).
    P. Prins, F. C. Grozema, J. M. Schins, T. J. Savenije, S. Patil, U. Scherf, and L.D.A. Siebbeles, Phys. Rev. B73, 045204 (2006)

  • Efficient charge transport along phenylene-vinylene molecular wires.
    P. Prins, F. C. Grozema, and L. D. A. Siebbeles, J. Phys. Chem. B110, 14659-14666 (2006)

  • Charge Transport in Self-Organizing π-Stacks of p-phenylene vinylene Oligomers.
    P. Prins, K. Senthilkumar, F. C. Grozema, P. Jonkheijm, A. P. H. J. Schenning, E. W. Meijer, and L. D.A. Siebbeles, J. Phys. Chem. B, 109,18267-18274 (2005).

  • Electron and hole dynamics on isolated chains of a solution-processable poly(thienylenevinylene) derivative in dilute solution.
    P. Prins, L. P.Candeias, A. J. J. M. Van Breemen, J. Sweelssen, P. T. Herwig, H. F. M. Schoo, and L. D. A. Siebbeles, Adv. Mater.17, 718-723 (2005).





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