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During the preparations for the Beijerinck Centennial, a light-hearted attempt was made to build a "family tree" showing the people who could trace their "academic descent" back through their supervisors to a connection with Delft. To qualify for inclusion, people must have either worked in the Delft lab, have studied for their PhD under the supervision of a member, or have worked for a member for a significant length of time. What started as a joke, ended as a book containing thousands of people. This only represented the tip of the iceberg, as we relied on people responding to appeals on the Internet and in Microbiology Journals. The "family trees" depicted here have been extracted from that book, concentrating mainly on the "senior generations".

This list is incomplete in many ways. Many people are represented only by their surname, as that's all that's shown on the list for a particular course. Others are known by their full name, but nothing more. If anyone can identify them, and provide more information and/or photos, we'd be delighted to hear from you. The photos included here are either from Beijerinck, Kluyver and van Iterson's collections, or have been donated by individuals -- copyright is retained either by the Delft School of Microbiology Archive, or the individual owner (where indicated).


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