van Iterson

Professor of Microscopical Anatomy, and then Applied Botany. The oldest part of what is now the Kluyver Laboratory was built for his department.

Together with Beijerinck, he founded the Botanic Garden behind the Kluyver laboratory as a source of materials for study and research. He was also one of the founders of the Rubber Institute and TNO. Van Iterson is probably best known today for his work on rubber, other tropical products such as tea, and on paper making, but among his great interests were the mathematics and physics underlying biological structure and function. Some of his drawings strongly resemble fractals. Van Iterson was a PhD student under Beijerinck, and was also Kluyver's PhD supervisor.

In addition to his letters and other papers, the van Iterson collection includes numerous teaching aids and microscopes, as well as collections of class photographs and an extensive collection of paintings covering diverse subjects such as botany, biological variation and Mendelian genetics. He is also remembered in Delft as the founder of the Botanic Garden.


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