Dr. S.A. (Aljoscha) Wahl

T: +31 15 27 83193
E: S.A.Wahl@remove-this.tudelft.nl Room 2.513
Julianalaan 67
2628 BC Delft
The Netherlands                                                                                                              



Research interests

  • Metabolic engineering
  • Synthetic and Systems biology applied to microbial cultivations
  • Isotopomer measurement and analysis
  • Kinetic modelling of metabolism and fermentation

Teaching activities

  • Advanced Courses: Metabolomics for Microbial Systems Biology (organizer), Advanced Course Microbial Physiology and Fermentation Technology (lecturer)
  • Master courses: Analysis of Metabolic Networks (LM3432, 3 ECTS) and Metabolic Engineering assistance class (LM3171, 3 ECTS)

Key publications

  • van Heerden, J.H., Wortel, M.T., Bruggeman, F.J., Heijnen, J.J., Bollen, Y.J.M., Planque, R,. Hulshof, J., O'Toole, T.G., Wahl, S.A., Teusink, B. (2014) Lost in Transition: Startup of Glycolysis Yields Subpopulations of Nongrowing Cells. Science. DOI
  • de Jonge, L., Buijs, N.A.A., Heijnen, J.J., van Gulik, W.M., Abate, A., Wahl, S.A. (2013) Flux response of glycolysis and storage metabolism during rapid feast/famine conditions in Penicillium chrysogenum using dynamic (13) C labeling. Biotechnology Journal. DOI
  • Zhao, Z., ten Pierick, A., de Jonge, L., Heijnen, J.J., Wahl, S.A. (2012) Substrate cycles in Penicillium chrysogenum quantified by isotopic non-stationary flux analysis. Microbial Cell Factory, 11, 140. DOI
  • Wahl, S.A., Nöh, K., Wiechert, W. (2008) 13C labeling experiments at metabolic nonstationary conditions: An exploratory study. BMC Bioinformatics, 9, art. no. 152. DOI
  • Wahl, S.A., Haunschild, M.D., Oldiges, M., Wiechert, W. (2006) Unravelling the regulatory structure of biochemical networks using stimulus response experiments and large-scale model selection. IEE Proceedings: Systems Biology, 153 (4), pp. 275-285. DOI
  • Nöh, K., Wahl, A., Wiechert, W. (2006) Computational tools for isotopically instationary 13C labeling experiments under metabolic steady state conditions. Metabolic Engineering, 8 (6), pp. 554-577. DOI



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