Biotechnology and Society (BTS)

The Biotechnology and Society group runs PhD and Postdoctoral research projects and coordinates and participates in European Commission projects related to governance, ethical and societal issues in emerging new technologies. The group is responsible for a series of education modules in the programmes BSc Life Science & TechnologyMSc Life Science & Technology and BSc Molecular Science & Technology and organises regular international advanced courses. The research focuses on:

  • identifying (future) ethical, legal and societal issues (ELSA) in industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology and nanobiotechnology
  • qualifying the impact of ELSA issues in innovation
  • societal responsibility and competences of scientists
  • designing and implementing novel, interactive science communication activities

Research methodologies include both qualitative and quantitative methods such as focus groups, action research, interviews, surveys, etc.

The Biotechnology and Society group is uniquely positioned in collaborating closely with the scientific communities, government and industry. The group is part of the Department of Biotechnology and participates in the Society and Genomics programme of the Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation. Several of its projects are funded by the Centre for Society and Genomics.
The BTS group works together with the Faculty's Science Education and Communication group which is also embedded in the Dutch Three Universities of Technology (3-TU) programme. BTS collaborates with other faculties including the Department of Philosophy and its 3-TU "Ethics and Technology" Centre of Excellence and participates in global initiatives on sustainability and transition to a biobased economy.

Group leader
prof.dr. Patricia Osseweijer

Biotechnology and society, social responsibility, ethics of (nano)biotechnology 

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