Secretariat Science Education and Communication
L.H. (Leonie) de Kluijs

Faculty of Applied Sciences
Lorentzweg 1
2628CJ Delft
Office: C108

T: +31 15 27 83027



Science Education and Communication

The TU Delft Science Education & Communication (SEC) department organizes research and teaching on the border of science and society. SEC consists of two sections: Science Education and Science Communication.

Science Education

Science Communication

The SE section hosts the Science Education MSc track (lerarenopleiding) and runs various (research) projects about science & technology education in secondary and primary education. Its main focal areas are Technology Education, Pedagogic Content Knowledge, Teaching and Learning of Concepts, and Modelling. SE hosts the Betastuenpunt Zuid Holland (including Delft voor Docenten), and the Wetenschapsknooppunt.


The SC section hosts the Science Communication MSc track and has research projects relating to the role of communication in professional scientific and technological environments. These relate socially responsible innovation, strategic communication and marketing, and professionalization of communication professionals. 

SEC background

SEC Delft is part of the 3TU educational and research program. In line with the corporate philosophy of Delft University of Technology, our efforts are based on the notion that science, design and engineering offer a framework for approaching education and communication challenges. The following scientific domains are important in this respect:

  • Education and communication science
  • Innovation studies
  • Social Studies of Science
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Knowledge management
  • Social design and Social tooling


Vision and mission

We seek to develop competencies and expertise by continuously linking theory and practice in both our research and education. Our combined masters program provides BSc and MSc students with theoretical and methodological knowledge of both fields, which they learn to apply to real-world education and communication problems. Our conviction is that the interrelated domains of science education and communication can mutually benefit from close interaction and a continuous exchange of insights. 

Our mission is to support and professionalize teachers and communication practitioners in a science and technology context. This enables them to design, support and manage complex educational and communicational processes and products. 

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