W.G. Haije

Wim Haije
Associate professor


Chemical Engineering
Delft University of Technology
Van der Maasweg 9
2629 HZ Delft
The Netherlands
Tel. ++31 15 27 85037

Dr. W.G. Haije

Research interests

The focus of my research is twofold: The role of CO2 as feedstock for chemicals and fuels and on the other hand, the physical-chemical properties of alloy materials, mostly Pd based, for application as a membrane in the separation of hydrogen from mixed gas streams. The more fundamental part is embedded in the research performed in the MECS group, where I have a ‘zero’ appointment for 1 day a week, the more applied aspects are dealt with at ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) where I am employed.


I am involved in the supervision of the Conceptual Design Project for ChemE master students.

Other activities

  • Member of the ACTS sustainable hydrogen program committee
  • Member DIFFER program committee

Theses supervised TU Delft

  • Yen Tran, Towards H2 selective porous inorganic membranes: Pore size control through combined Sol Gel and Atomic Layer deposition Processes, December 2011




Dr Wim G. Haije (1959) is senior scientist at ECN, department of Biomass and Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Process Technology.
He got his PhD in 1988 from Leiden University, Department of Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry; title PhD thesis: “The stability of helically deformed crystal structures: phase transitions and the phenomenon of structural resonance” (promotor Prof. Dr W.J.A. Maaskant).
Wim Haije started at ECN in 1988 in the department of Solid State Physics; neutron scattering, as instrument scientist (Powder Diffraction, Texture Analysis, Phonon Scattering, Small Angle Neutron Scattering). From about 1994 he subsequently worked as a materials scientist on materials characterization, the development of solid sorption based industrial heat pumps, the development of pervaporation membranes and the development of mixed ionic electronic conducting membranes for oxygen production from air. At present his main R&D fields are CO2 sorbents and membranes and hydrogen membranes, sensors, and storage materials. He currently is involved in setting up a program for CO2 reuse, especially related to solar fuels both locally at ECN and nationally, DIFFER. As of 1-1-2010 he is appointed associate professor at the TU Delft, in the group Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage, MECS, of professor Bernard Dam for one day per week. His focus there is also on hydrogen: storage, membranes, sensors, and on solar fuels.


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