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Bernard Dam
Full Professor

Chemical Engineering
Delft University of Technology
Van der Maasweg 9
2629 HZ Delft
The Netherlands
Tel. ++31 15 27 84342

Prof. dr. B. Dam

Research interests

My goal is to develop new materials for sustainable energy applications. I want to contribute to scientific breakthroughs and see my research transformed into commercial products. My field is functional thin film materials science: find relations between growth, (defect)structure and physical properties in relation to their application. At present we aim for applications based on metal hydrides, such as hydrogen sensors, hydrogen storage, hydrogen membranes and chemochromic windows. In addition, we investigate the mechanism of photo-electrochemical water splitting. The direct conversion of sunlight into fuel has the advantage that, as compared to electricity, such fuels can be more easily stored.


  • Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics for MST, 1st year Bachelor course
  • Science and Technology of the the Hydrogen Economy, 3rd year MST Bachelor course

Other activities

  • Scientific Director ADEM
  • Member of the Scientific Board of the ‘Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking' FCH JU2
  • Chairman of the board of the working group Chemistry and structure of Materials of NWO/CW (national science funding organisation)
  • Member of the ‘Raad van Advies’ of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC)
  • Member of the Energy and climate section of the Dutch Physical Society
  • Chairman of the exam committee, Faculty of Applied Sciences, TUD
  • Member of the permanent career committee, Faculty of Applied Sciences, TUD
  • Counsellor Scientific Integrity, TUD

Theses supervised 

Recent conference chairs/advisory boards

  • Co-chair of the 2017 Gordon Research Conference on Hydrogen in Metals, Stonehill, USA
  • Chair of the 2016 International Conference on Electrochromic Materials, IME-12, Delft
  • Member of the organizing committee of the Annual Meeting van de International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) 2016, The Hague World Forum
  • Co-organizer of the session on Chromogenic Materials and Devices, E-MRS spring 2014

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