Opto-electronic Materials
Delft University of Technology
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Chemical Engineering
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Mrs. Wil C.M. Stolwijk
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Welcome to the Opto-electronic Materials section

The Opto-Electronic Materials section is part of the Chemical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Our key interest is to study the nature and dynamics of short-lived intermediate excited states (excitons) and charge carriers within complex materials such as functional polymers, self-assembling molecular aggregates, inorganic nanoparticles, inorganic/organic composites and DNA. There is general interest in the opto-electronic properties of these materials because of their (potential) applications in devices such as solar cells, light-emitting diodes, field-effect transistors and nanoscale molecular electronics. In order to improve the performance of these devices, knowledge about the factors that govern the properties of excitons and excess charges is essential. 

The scientific staff of the group consists of Prof. dr. Laurens Siebbeles, Dr. Ferdinand Grozema, Dr. Arjan Houtepen and Dr. Tom Savenije

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