Ulas Taskin joined our group as PhD

24 May 2017

Ulas Taskin, who is from Turkey, joined our group as PhD on 1 February. He did his MSc in Istanbul Technical University working on ‘Inverse Scattering Problem of Microwave Imaging’. He started his PhD project on ‘Full-Waveform Acoustic Inversion for Breast Cancer Detection’. He will work on developing inversion methods and test them with synthetic data first, and experimental data later on. His...Lees verder


Workshop "Trends and Developments in Laser Based Distance Metrology"

17 May 2017

This workshop will first address the latest state-of-the-art approaches to laser-based distance, followed by in-depth topics on instrumental and environmental limitations, with the overall goal to lay a foundation for pushing this limits to the next level.It will take place at the Lorentz Center@Oort in Leiden. Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya is one of the four organizers.Lees verder


Wiro Niessen elected as member of KNAW

15 May 2017

Wiro Niessen, Professor of Biomedical Imaging one of 26 new members appointed by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The Academy has approximately 550 members across all scientific disciplines. These leading scientists are elected on the basis of their scientific achievements. Members are appointed for life. The new Academy members will be installed on Thursday 8 June. Lees verder


Photonics Event 2017

15 May 2017

Photonics has been defined as the key enabling technology for the 21st century, improving industries’ businesses and becoming more competitive on al global scale. The Photonics Event is an exhibition addressing different photonics technologies and different industries where these technologies are applied. This event will be held in Veldhoven on June 14th. Lees verder


ImPhys hosted bi-annual meeting Dutch Society of Medical Ultrasound (NVMU)

11 May 2017

On May 10th, the NVMU held their spring meeting at the TU Delft. The programme started with a lecture of Dr. ir. Martin Verweij (ImPhys Acoustical Wavefield Imaging) about harmonic imaging. After lunch they continued with the scientific sessions:Lees verder


Richard Faasse started his BSc project

04 May 2017

Richard works on a Monte Carlo diffusion simulation to simulate the diffusion-weighted MRI signal of a brain phantom. His supervisors are Frans Vos & Joor ArkesteijnLees verder


Cyrus Tirband Dastgerdi started his BSc project

03 May 2017

Cyrus works on 2D localisation using a vector PSF model. His supervisor is Sjoerd Stallinga.Lees verder


Luuk Balkenende started his BSc project

03 May 2017

Luuk started his BSc thesis on: "Optimum Metric for 20 Datafusion in localization microsopy". His supervisor is Sjoerd Stallinga.Lees verder

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