Optics Group

Dept. of Imaging Physics
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Delft University of Technology

Van der Waalsweg 8
2628CH Delft
The Netherlands

Our secretary:
Yvonne van Aalst

Directions (web, pdf)

Bachelor/Master Projects

  • Photonics on Chip
  • Phosphorescence in Multilayers
  • Hyperbolic metamaterials
  • Diffraction and scattering of Nano-particules
  • Apply TeraHertz to industry issues
  • 2 new topics for ASML (Eindhoven) with Internship allowance
  • LEDs and their future
  • Lithography and Optics Systems at ASML
  • Optimization of the Image Quality of Security Cameras
  • Single Photon Interference Experiments with the Frequency Comb Laser Source
    Many more...



University Curriculum



SMETHODS, EU Support Action program

We are proud to be part of SMETHODS, a EU-Support Action for training in optical design for European SME’s. This  training is organised by the Optics Group as coordinator and has many partners involved: Institut d’Optique, University of Jena, Polytechnica of Madrid, University of Eastern Finland, VUB (Brussels), ITMO (St. Petersburg), Zeiss, and Philips. For more information.

Summer course

In the past, we have organised international summer schools within the European projects  Maris Curie Initial Network S.P.A.M. and Collaborative, large-scale integration project Clean4yield.

    Online course

    We completed the e-course on plastic photovoltaics including lectures given by some of our staff.

    The course is free and can be reached at

    Photonics Explorer Kit

    Our group is the Local Associated Partners of EyeWest to distribute the Photonics Explorer Kit and organise the workshop for teachers in the Netherlands.

    If you are interested, please contact Dr. Aurèle Adam

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