Optics Group

Dept. of Imaging Physics
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Delft University of Technology

Van der Waalsweg 8
2628CH Delft
The Netherlands

Our secretary:
Yvonne van Aalst

Directions (web, pdf)

Bachelor/Master Projects

  • Photonics on Chip
  • Phosphorescence in Multilayers
  • Hyperbolic metamaterials
  • Diffraction and scattering of Nano-particules
  • Apply TeraHertz to industry issues
  • 2 new topics for ASML (Eindhoven) with Internship allowance
  • LEDs and their future
  • Lithography and Optics Systems at ASML
  • Optimization of the Image Quality of Security Cameras
  • Single Photon Interference Experiments with the Frequency Comb Laser Source
    Many more...


Research Topics

  • Integrated Photonics

    • Sensor Solutions -> link
  • Interferometry

    • Absolute large distance metrology> link
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